South Shore Homes

When you’re thinking about South Shore what areas come to mind?   Believe it or not there are several South Shore options out there to be confused with.   Here’s 3 popular South Shore locations across the US.

South Shore, Chicago, IL


This area of Chicago is on the South Shore.  It’s a neighborhood that offers  residents there an affordable option relative to the North Shore.  Recent years have experienced a revival in Chicago with new construction and new homes going up.  The most expensive housing is for lake lovers, who can opt for a new South Shore condo minutes from the beach and South Shore Drive.  The majority of detached houses in the South Shore are found on tree-lined streets, intermingled with solid three- and four-story redbrick buildings with rental and condo units. The people living here enjoy front patios where they can sit and chat with neighbors, while children ride bikes on the sidewalks, though not all streets are well tended.

The median sales price in South Shore is around $70K but that number is low due to the inclusion of rent rates in that number and lot sales.  Not to fool you though, there are million dollar options on the lake.

It’s not exactly one of the best retirement cities though.

South Shore, Aurora, Co


In Aurora, Colorado is a community that is named South Shore.  It’s a large planned unit development on an 820 acre reservoir-lake.  South Shore promises to provide water and outdoor amenities from boating to biking and everything in between.  With a community lake house, swimming and more this community is set to be one of the more popular ones in Aurora.

From incredible standard features to high-quality construction and premium materials, everything in South Shore is designed to create the most satisfying building and living experience for the homeowners. Every South Shore home is designed and built by craftsmen with a sharp eye for the details.

South Shore, Plymouth, Ma

The largest town of Massachusetts is the Town of Plymouth, a coastal community in the south east approximately 5 miles north of the Cape Cod Canal.

The South Shore’s accessibility to the Boston metropolitan area has greatly influenced the growth rates of its communities. Desirability in terms of land prices, tax rates and residential amenities further influenced community growth  and with a modest median price of a home around $375K it’s an affordable option for working families.

This explains why Plymouth’s population mushroomed from 18,606 in 1970 to 45,608 in 1990, an increase of 145% in just 20 years.